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I’m going to have a yard! Two of my friends were thinking that I would have parties in the new house after they saw the backyard. I don’t know what they were thinking. I want it to be my private retreat, a place for meditation, peace and quiet! One friend said, “Oh no, you shouldn’t put the garden over here, this is where you want people to walk. You should put it over on the side of the house.” I was like, place for people to walk? What are you thinking?! I’m not 21! This is for me and I am ecstatic to have a place to put a garden! :) Goodness gracious, I’m glad I get to have it be how I want otherwise it would be so sad to have it go to waste on something for parties. No a garden, is what I want. I am so looking forward to that! ~Kat Lyons 
I’m sorry that I haven’t been here very much lately. I have been trying to get the house ready for me to move in. I had to move storage too. This week I will be moving. So I have been too busy with important things and vital paperwork. I will be more regular again after next week when I will be into the new place. ~Kat
I can relate. ~Kat
aquilon: wild azaleas (by k n u l p)

I saw my Dad yesterday. This is monumental. Due to the fact that in the last 12 years I have only seen him five times including yesterday. For nine years before that, I never saw him once. So it’s five times in 21 years time. Somehow this fails him. But we actually had a nice time. It surprisingly felt so good getting to see him, that after I’d left, the emotion welling up inside of me made me cry. And the emotion I had when I had to leave surprised me too. I hugged him twice and it’s as if I felt in that moment that I just couldn’t let go. I squeezed him so hard and I couldn’t stop myself. ~Kat Lyons
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by: Johan Coenraad Hermann Heijenbrock